Making Stuff Up

I somehow convince groups of smart, likeable people to play obscure indie tabletop games and tell (mostly funny, sometimes a little bit serious) stories with me.

During a series, I post new episodes every Friday. Breaks between series are unpredictable.

Latest episode:

Vigil Creek Nature Preserve 4 Making Stuff Up

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Maria, Puckett, Mark, Chris, Kristen, Eli, David, Sabine, Kieron, Kim, and Bethany



12. Vigil Creek Nature Preserve 4

Summary Andy, the pathologically optimistic butterfly expert, leads Kay and Cynthia on a trek through the swamp in search of yet another mysterious creature. Meanwhile, Willow and Oscar stage an assault on the bears to take back their pot field, with tranquilizer darts and… fuzzy handcuffs? Players: Andy: KieronOscar: DavidWillow and Cynthia: MariaKay: Bethany Game:…

11. Vigil Creek Nature Preserve 3

The bear situation has changed, thanks to an elderly butterfly collector convinced she’s discovered a new species. But Willow has a plan to deal with the bears, so everything’s going to be fine. Players: Andy: Kieron Oscar: David Willow and Cynthia: Maria Kay: Bethany Game: Unincorporated Photo by wileydoc from Pixabay

10. Vigil Creek Nature Preserve 2

The continuing story of a group of semi-competent park employees and their hunt for a mysterious creature that might be an alligator, but definitely is not a bear because there are no bears here. This is Florida’s only bear-free park. YOU HEAR THAT, SAMMY? (Also, I completely screwed up last week and uploaded the wrong…

9. Vigil Creek Nature Preserve 1

A lovestruck mycologist, an oblivious park ranger, a snarky trailblazer, and a machete-wielding himbo try to catch the mysterious creature lurking in their park, while being investigated by a tabloid reporter. Players  Ross: Sabine Eleanor: Kim Oscar: David Willow and Cynthia: Maria Kay and Sammy: Bethany Game: Unincorporated, by Bethany Harvey Photo by wileydoc from…

Break and Gauntlet Con

Time for a between-series break! There won’t be a new episode this week or next.Meanwhile, I’ll be running games at Gauntlet Community Open Gaming this weekend, as will some folks featured on this podcast. Puckett will be running Pasión de las Pasiones, Maria will be running Good Society, and I’ll be playtesting a new game…