1. Paranormal Romance, pt 1

Listen to the episode here, or subscribe to the RSS feed from a podcast app.

Because I don’t have time to actually sit and watch actual play sessions, either, I’ve started making shorter, audio-only versions of the actual plays I have up on Youtube. Perfect for listening while walking or doing housework or knitting or whatever! They’ll be collected as a podcast called Making Stuff Up.

Here’s the first episode: Paranormal Romance, pt 1, starring the always delightful Maria and Puckett playing Unincorporated with me. We played this back in March, with an older version of the game, so the terminology is a little different, but the basic structure of the game hasn’t changed. And listening to Puckett’s angsty, love-stricken hacker and Maria’s dramatic romance writer chew the nonexistent scenery made this game one of the most entertaining ones I’ve ever played.

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