6. Queen of Thieves, pt 3

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In this week’s episode, the thirstiest trio of sword lesbians make a foolproof plan to deal with the sheriff and get the previous generation of witches and bandits in their village on board.

And yes, I know the title has very little to do with the story. Queen of Thieves was what I called the series when I first listed it on the Gauntlet, with the idea that it was going to be “Queer Robin Hood.” This turned out to be more like a 30-years-later sequel to the game I’d planned, but the title stuck. If “queen of thieves” refers to anyone, it’s probably Slithering Phoebe? Anyway, don’t let it fool you, there’s no big heist coming. Sorry.

Cast: Chris, Kristen, Eli, and Bethany

Music:Yonder Hill and Dale, by Aaron Kenny

Game:Thirsty Sword Lesbians, by April Kit Walsh

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