8. Queen of Thieves, pt 5

The sheriff comes seeking revenge, but she’s a minor threat compared to the destruction unleashed by a simple nature witch with a cursed sword. Meanwhile, Jenna gets caught up in a dramatic sword fight over a waterfall, and Asheara’s destiny is getting closer, but first she has to not crash this broom…

7. Queen of Thieves, pt 4

The trio continue their preparations for battle… by going to a hidden cave and digging up some obviously cursed items! Asheara’s destiny creeps closer, with a strange humming device and, oh yeah, an extra star in the sky. Jenna worries. Mia should worry, but doesn’t. Fortunately they’re backed up by a bunch of retired outlaws,Continue reading “7. Queen of Thieves, pt 4”

5. Queen of Thieves, pt 2

In this session, everyone fails social rolls. Asheara sees portents and prophesies, Jenna talks to ghosts, and Mia talks to someone she shouldn’t. The new sheriff wants revenge and maybe to take over their village, but who has time to worry about that, when there’s infinite social awkwardness to navigate, a witch’s garden to be attacked by, and love potions to make?